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Tells in Low Stake Limit Holdem Games

Even new Poker players are now aware of the importance of tells in the game, and are taking steps to learn and include it in their games. While this is commendable, it should be stressed that their usability and efficiency will differ when you are playing low stake Limit Holdem games.

The first thing that you must know about tells is that they are very difficult to learn and even the best players in the world make mistakes. The second, and for a new player, more important fact to consider is that even if you know how to read players, using them in low stakes Limit Holdem games will be very difficult, and their role is often secondary to having the best hands.

The reason why Limit Holdem tells are so hard to use in low stakes games is that they work best when your opponents have a certain degree of skill and knowledge about the game. For example, your opponent is holding a 73 and you are holding an AA pre flop.

You make the minimum raise, seeing the nervous state of your opponent. He in turn, also reads that he not only is holding junk, but that you have a strong hand, so he folds.

This does not happen often in low stakes Limit Holdem because most of the time, the people you are playing have no idea of what they are holding, let alone yours. Do not be surprised if you see someone turn up a 25 at the showdown.

Second, Limit Holdem tells are learned when you play against people several times over. This is something that is easy to do in high stakes games because the players who play go there frequently. In low limit games you will often run into casual players, weekend players and the just plain curious In other words, you might play them only once every few weeks, or months.

This is not to say that Limit Holdem tells cannot be used when you are playing at the low stakes; it can be, and if you see a player there behaving in a certain way repeatedly when holding specific hands, use that to your advantage. But the point is that it will oftentimes be situational and you should always consider the hands you hold first and foremost.

However, even if you are just starting out, it would be a good idea to learn about Limit Holdem tells, so that when the time comes that you are ready to move on to the higher levels, you will be more competitive and ready.