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Roster of Poker Tournaments

Do you wanna be the next poker star? Buckets and bundles of prizes in cash, join these fun fun poker tournaments! Team up with the newest and the legendary poker stars at famous poker sites!

An example roster LIVE POKER TOURNAMENTS at, A. Land Tournaments for the classic poker 1. St. Kitts, West Indies with usual prize of US$ 15,500 2. Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City, United States with buy-in of US$ 10,000.00 3. Skycity Casino, Auckland, with buy-in of US$ 2,400 4. Fallsview Resort and Casino, Niagara Falls, with buy-in of US$ 10,000 5. Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas, with buy-in of US$ 15,000 6. Las Vegas Casino, Sofitel Hotel, Budapest, with buy-in of US$ 6,374.92

B. By demand the internet is now open for poker tournaments! With these online tournament events: 1. Grand -- the biggest tournaments, with a buy-in of US$ 1000+40 and a grand prize pool 2. Big Deal -- the biggest weekly tournament to date, with a buy-in US$ 300+20 no limit Texas 3. Hold'em tournament every Sundays at Eastern Time 4. Lucky Dollar -- with US$ 1 Buy-in Tournament 5. Live Tournaments -- televised live poker tournaments across the globe 6. Weekly Welcome Series --- with a US$ 2,500 guaranteed prize pool 7. Grand Prix - one of the oldest and most respected tournaments 8. Midnight Oil -- In each tournament, US$ 100+8 tickets are rewarded to everyone on the final table. The rest of the prize pool is awarded in cash.

C. Private web tournaments are: 1. Scheduled Tournaments - signing up is usually within 30 days before playing with a just number of participants 2. Sit & Go Tournaments - open and start gaming any time

D. International Live Tournaments on land based are: 1. World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2. World Poker Tour Season 3. World Series of Poker Circuit 4. European Poker Tour Season (EPT)

In land-based poker games, prizes don't only mean cash and checks. Free seats are sometimes awarded to lucky participants and also spectators. Great promos are given for winners in packages such as fund benefits, travel reservations, hotel accommodations, buy-ins management, right spending, fund accounts, events choosing, and arrangements allocations of provisions. This is in goal on wishes of future winnings.

Some poker hosts give affiliate programs for this gambling game. If you have a personal website and is still on pursue of earning tons of money, don't you wanna join poker affiliate programs. Earn cash in easy steps. Winning is on extreme limits!

Affiliate program stockholders can acquire cuts from: 1.Net Revenue Share - receive a range with a maximum 40% Net Revenue on your entire recommended player's net losses each month 2.CPA - Cost Per Acquisition - get commission from a fix charge in every fresh bona fide account.

Join now poker tournaments with the fastest payouts and fat monthly bonuses!