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The Progressive Jackpot of Caribbean Stud Poker

One interesting characteristic of Caribbean stud poker is the option to make a progressive bet during the game. Usually, the progressive bet of Caribbean stud poker costs one dollar per game. Progressive bet must be placed first before the dealing of cards. Players who have participated in the progressive bet and have a flush or other higher poker hands will be paid accordingly depending on the paytable that the casino uses.

If a player of Caribbean stud poker has a royal flush, the typical payout will be 100% of the progressive jackpot meter of the game. If the player has a straight flush, then 10% of the progressive jackpot meter will be given to him.

In some rare situations wherein two players of Caribbean stud poker have royal flushes at the same time, casinos will usually pay the progressive jackpot first to the player that is closest to the dealer's left and the second player who wins will be paid after resetting the progressive jackpot amount after the first payout was given. The two winning players also have another option to make and that is to divide the progressive jackpot equally among themselves. Progressive jackpots of Caribbean stud poker usually begin at $10,000 and others at $20,000.

If for instance, there are two players who have straight flush at the same time, the player closest to the dealer's left will be paid out 10% of the progressive jackpot meter amount and the second player will be given 10% of the remaining amount on the progressive jackpot meter. If you want to participate in the progressive bet in Caribbean stud poker, it is always advantageous to situate yourself on the dealer's left as close as possible.

In Caribbean stud poker, the progressive bet is considered as a bad bet in an exceptional way except if the progressive jackpot amount has reached $263,228 or higher. If the progressive jackpot amount of Caribbean stud poker is only worth $100,000, then the applicable house edge on your progressive bet is about 50% and that is extremely high.

Ideally, for each dollar of progressive bet you make, 71 cents of that are added to the progressive jackpot amount and the rest of your dollar goes straight to the casino. Every payoff of the Caribbean stud poker hands like full house, flush, straight flush, four of a kind, and royal flush are instantly taken out of the progressive jackpot meter and that lessen the total amount of progressive bet payout. When a player hits the royal flush in Caribbean stud poker, the progressive jackpot amount is automatically reset to the starting progressive jackpot amount.

One typical advice for progressive bet in Caribbean stud poker, do not place a progressive bet unless the total progressive jackpot amount on the meter is more than $263,228. This is the amount wherein the required money to win the progressive jackpot in Caribbean stud poker is lesser than the payout the casino offered.